Folks Meet,

Nov 28

Folks meet Natalie and Jennifer,

Natalie, Jennifer and I converged on Santa Fe, New Mexico on the same day.  Natalie had previously mentioned that she and Jennifer were planning an adventure in the Southwest so I thought I would get in touch as I was driving  East via Flagstaff, Arizona.  I wanted to arrive at a reasonable hour so I made an executive decision to keep my wheels rollin and  forgo the roads attractions, most noteabley: Knife City, Meteor City, Crazy Creek, Dead River, Petrified Forrest National Park and numerous Navajo and Hopi trading posts selling hand-woven rugs, pottery, moccasins and fireworks. Bang-Bang

As we spoke later that evening we all noted the pinkish-yellow dusk that is unique to New Mexico. The paintings of Georgia O’Keefe seemed to crystalize upon experiencing, first hand, the light and landscape in cahoots. 

Natalie and Jennifer have a sisterhood that becomes evident when they tell stories. Their tales are often serendipitous chain reactions that stem from patience and openness.  Each step of the story appears to be a logical non-sequitur but when unpackaged and then repacked the sum reveals things that only the living-of-life could produce.  

They are both Documentary hounds and were in New Mexico conducting research for Jennifer’s next film.

Natalie owns a clothing company that goes by the moniker Alabama Chanin. Her wares are hand-stitched using organic cotton. Alabama Chanin is evidence that you can run a successful business that is both ethical and challenges the status quo.

Jennifer owns a casting agency called JV8 in pursuit of characters, beauty, interesting faces and interesting stories. She recently made a documentary called “Billy the Kid” and is currently working on a film in Sicily.

As I crossed into New Mexico I saw one rainbow…when Jennifer and Natalie arrived in New Mexico they saw four rainbows….possibly an indictor of good fortune to come. 

Natalie Chanin:    http://alabamachanin.com/

Jennifer Venditti: http://www.jv8inc.com/

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